So I was working on building this website (yes, I'm quite proud of it) on Christmas Day (don't judge) as a deterrent to the other inevitable activity of ugly crying because my children were spending the day this year with their father, and as I was searching the web for stuff about my last show, POP! Goes the Bubble, I came across another show that had "bubble" in the title.

"Bubble Boy...by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio?" I leaned toward my computer, drawn in by the bright orange, cartoony image, and decided to put it on for a listen while I continued to work.

About 1:45 into the opening number, "Bubble Boy" (what else did you expect it to be titled?), the main character's mother is blaming her son's lack of an immune system on her husband, singing:




I was laughing despite the whisperings of Spencer, my hyper-critical Mormon inner censor, to shut off such filth immediately. I told Spencer to go scrub the shower for me and continued to listen with glee.

I was not disappointed. Especially when I learned, after listening to the soundtrack on repeat all day and then watching the videos from the concert at Feinstein's/54 Below held last Fall, that the writers THEMSELVES are also Mormon. I ascertained this info by the horrible function on YouTube that is AutoPlay, which, yes - I could disable, but the button...is so...hard to reach...(channeling my inner Fred Armisen at the Portlandia feminist bookstore). The next video to pop up was a recording of one of the final rehearsals before the very first production of the show in 2008. Immediately my frame sat taller. The actors were dancing around a space that felt very familiar...the basketball hoop...the ambiguously-colored carpet (is that pink? or brown?) that runs halfway up the walls to a brown, wooden chair rail...The accordion-style separating curtain...the piles of folding chairs in the background....could it be? Is it true?!

Totally an LDS cultural hall.

I have absolutely no idea why any of that matters one iota, other than to say that I now have much more understanding as to why the song "Stay Pure" so strongly brought on dejà vu from my years of youth chastity lessons. From a fellow Mormon attempting to bring quality writing into the world, I tip my hat to you, dear sirs.

They also wrote the Despicable Me movies, btw. Ya know, no big deal.

The show is based off of the movie by the same name, and while the movie itself was a bit of a financial disaster (also written by Paul and Dario), I promise that the musicalized version will NOT disappoint. It chronicles the life a boy born with no immune system who is forced to grow up inside of a bubble in their home - literally. Falling in love behind plastic and deciding to ditch the bubble room and create a bubble suit so he can chase after his love and stop her wedding, this show is full of humor and lightheartedness. I was laughing out loud the whole time.

The cast recording is brand new from fall 2017 and features Broadway talents.

Take a listen on YouTube by clicking HERE.

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